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The traffic of Wenzhou City

Wenzhou locate the middle of our country gold coastline, the transportation enterprise is developed.

    External traffic

Wenzhou Yongqiang airport, be located southeast place the urban district 24 kilometers, the Wenzhou airport opened 60 domestic services, and has cleared to Hong Kong, Aomen's local route. The commercial aviation ticket office is located the people route exquisite silk street intersection, the commercial aviation bus service, an each hour class, ticket price 10 Yuan. Rides the rental car from the airport to go to the urban district to be possible the load on one truck, 20 Yuan/The human, is occupied four people to open, the chartered car 60 Yuan starting price, 40 minutes may reach.

Wenzhou train station is our country first joint stock system joint capital construction railroad ---- The Jin wen railroad terminal, the passenger train may go directly to Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou and so on the domestic main city. Wenzhou already became national one of 45 roads main hubs cities. Now every day has 12 pair of trains to go on the Jin Wen railroad, besides the Wenzhou - Jinhua time for the ordinary train, other uses clean comfortable most new style air-conditioning bus, the train attendant serves good very much, whenever as soon as stands in particular all must to the platform in passenger salute, this is not sees on the domestic other track lines.

Within the boundaries of road Wenzhou the existing road total course is 4,111 kilometers, the highway transportation extends in all directions, 104 federal highways and 330 federal highways have passed through the north and south, From 95, invests 9.1 billion Yuan, construction Yong Tai wan highway Wenzhou section and Jinli highway Wenzhou section, in which the Wenzhou bridge surmounts the Oujiang River span 17.1 kilometers. Heilongjiang to the Hainan Sanya highway Wenzhou section is constructing. Wenzhou has the new south station, the new town station, the west station, the east station, the passenger transportation center, the Huanglong six long-distance motor stations and Feixia bridge, west of Ou sea, Oubei three suburbs motor stations, every day some more than 1,000 roads passenger transportation class line sends out each place, its mid-span province passenger transportation class line 130, occupies head of the national.

Wenzhou's long-distance bus:
New town station: The Zhejiang quick guest to Hangzhou and Ningbo, in the province walks wells up the YongTai high speed vehicle to start out in there;
West station: The quick guest to Jinhua and Lishui, walks Jin Liwen the high speed vehicle mainly all to start out in there;
New south station (in train station opposite): Outside the province long-distance bus, has the quick guest to Shanghai, the sleeping berth to Fujian, Guangzhou, Beijing and so on.

Water Carriage
Wenzhou coastline long amounts to 355 kilometers, the harbor condition is superior, was a collection estuary port, the bay port in a body comprehensive natural good port, a Wenzhou biggest deep water wharf seven miles ports deep water wharf issue already completes the complete resilience. Pharynx and larynx which for South Chekiang, north of Fujian the cargo passes in and out. Is national one of 20 main hubs ports.
Along with Jin Wen railroad clearing, the Wenzhou marine transportation industry which once prevails for a time withers day after day, toward places the such as Shanghai, Hong Kong route is cancelled one after another. At present only remained toward the offshore Dongtou chain islands, the jade ring barley islet such as the places very few several routes.

    Transportation of the city

Wenzhou taxi is quite cheap, the start price 10 Yuan 4 kilometers, each kilometer 1.40 Yuan, start at night the price 12 Yuan, each kilometer 1.68 Yuan. The Wenzhou city is not big, even if is from the east end to the west end, hits generally the expense cannot surpass 20 Yuan.

Wenzhou has Public big and middle degree bus line way reach ten. The majority Pakistan sole ticket price 1.5 Yuan (air-condition bus and so on, most is the self-service ticketing, please prepare 0.5 yuan, otherwise does not give change even slightly), the middle degree bus is 1.5 Yuan starting price, according to odometer price. 26 groups are the view bus, the ticket price 2 Yuan.

Wenzhou An Lanting pavilion - Yongjia County Oubei wharf ferry, 5: 00--23: 00, a 5 minutes class, ticket price 1 Yuan.

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