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The traveling guide of Wenzhou

Yandangshan is situated within the boundaries of the Zhejiang Province Wenzhou Yueching. It is the first batch national key scenery scenic spot area, Chinese one of ten big famous mountains. Because "the summit has the lake, the reed grows thickly, the fall wild goose sleeps it" therefore the mountain take the bird as the name. Yandangshan is rooted in East China Sea, the scenery shape victory, by the peak, the waterfall, the hole, the screen-like mountain peaks grows perceptibly, always have "the marine famous mountains", "in the vast domain certainly wins" the reputation, the history calls " the first of southeast mountain". Quarries a mountain to chisel the victory, commences a venture in Southern and Northern Dynasties, prosperous in the Tang Song, the cultural inside story is rich.
Yandangshan forms in 120 million years ago, is a model cretaceous period flows the grain nature ancient volcano, the entire mountain total area 450 square kilometers, the scenic spot more than 550 place, wards off has eight big scenic areas, spirit peak, the spirit crag, the sign of the dragon low-lying essence gathers together, is called "the wild goose to swing three certainly".
Yandangshan has the unique moral character, "the daytime is worth looking at, the night scene is overwhelmed with sorrow or joy". "The view mountain scenery, tastes the seafood", "a scenery is changeable, moves step trades the shape". This is it distinguishes between the Chinese other famed scenery three big characteristics.

The cedar brook river
It is located within the boundaries of the Zhejiang Province Yongjia County, is apart from the Wenzhou urban district 23 kilometers, with Yandangshan scenic spot adjoining, is emerging for the East China area take the brook landscape as the main body, the large-scale comprehensive scenery scenic spot area which the scenery rural scenery, the civilized vestige merges into one organic whole.
The cedar brook river state-level scenery scenic spot area total area 625 square kilometers, altogether divide into the cedar brook river and the countryside culture (call a crag scenic area) along the river, greatly if crag, Shi Wei cliff, aquiferous rock, north pit, Doumen County and four seamounts seven big scenic areas, total more than 800 scenic spots. The long 300 miles cedars brook river melts the natural scenery and the humanities landscape in a body, by beautiful water, the crag wonderful, the waterfall are many, the village ancient, beach and forest are beautiful name is known far and wide, is in the middle of our country state-level scenic spot only the scenic area which grows perceptibly by the countryside scenery.
The cedar brook river humanities landscape is quite rich, Song Ming and Qing Dynasties' ancient tower. The ancient bridge, the ancient memorial arch, and "the writing-set" the layout and five lines of masculine and feminine elements geomancy devise to rose village, the dark green city village by "the Big Dipper eight buckets" which constructs, lets you understand to the original ancient style. Cedar brook river, pleasant weather, warm in winter and cool in summer. Since 1988, the cedar brook river scenic spot has received the Chinese and foreign tourists 300 ten thousand people, its plain common people residence, strange scenery, silver curtain, crag peak, deeply general tourists' affection. 300 miles cedars brooks river, meanders windingly, names of 36 bays, the 72 beaches. The cedar brook river passes through the Yongjia north and south, the basin collection rain area 2,429 square kilometers, the brook from the north toward the south, end place pours into the Oujiang River, the class turns over to East China Sea.
The cedar brook river, in primitive is beautifully plain, the rural feeling naturally; Cedar brook river; In pure is beautifully gentle, certainly does not have the pollution. After the examination, the silt content only is each cubic meter 1 gram of the million, the water quality assumes the neutrality, the PH value is 7, conforms to national level of water standards, by the experts reputation is "the first under heaven water". Brook both clear and beautiful, beautiful and varied, along with the river inverted image, water cleared to see the bottom, the fish and the crushed stone, comes clearly into view. If during the day goes boating sits in the raft excursion river, looks out into the distance the continuous green hill, nearly looked the elegant beach forest, bends down enjoys the deep blue river water, sees to the full the brook light mountain color, completely relaxed, favors the shame to accompany forgets; If at night swims the river, sees the fishing fire point spot, heard the fishing boat late sings, is stroked by soft wind, hears gurgling the running water, expresses the exquisite feeling elegant tastes sufficiently; If rests the beach forest, on the horizontal tan oak shades, the lawn like green, the daytime like dusk, dim is lonesome and quiet, has an intimate conversation, poetic sentiment abundant, Not can compared with this happy.

The middle of a river orphaned islet
The middle of a river orphaned islet, is named the middle of a river islet, is located northern side the Wenzhou urban district in the Oujiang River, the total area 70,000 square meters, east west is approximately long, north and south slender. The ancient times are two islands. Southern Dynasty Song beginning the county officer Xie Lingyun once to mount the orphaned islet, wrote down famous sentence "the confused water tended the middle of it ,the orphaned isle cross it. The cloud and sun light each other,the bald water both present beautiful"。The Tang season returns, on the islet completes the buddhist temple and the buddhist monk gradually. Xiantong seven years (866), constructs the Jingxin zen temple at the foothill constructs east Xishan. Song Kaibao two years (969). also constructs the Pu lonesome zen temple at the foothill west Dongshan, and successively constructs west tower, east tower. The Southern Song Dynasty Jianyan four years (1,130), Song Gaozong Zhao Gou in order to evades the Jin army to go south, once was stationed clears the way for the emperor's passage the Pu lonesome zen temple. The middle of a river islet proliferates the palace pavilion pavilion, the really rich historical site, also many ancient wooden onion, scenery is quiet and beautiful, to has called "the paradise of Oujiang river"。Each generation of poet topic chants the poetry to have 500 heads; Like Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai, Du Fu, Meng Haoran, Zhang Zi rong, Han Yu, Zhang Youxin and so on to have the masterpiece excellent work to chant and the orphaned islet.

South Lu the chain islands
The south Lu chain islands country degree the protectorate was in 1990 established by the State Council official authorization, for our country one of first batch five sea type nature protection areas. Is located east of the Zhejiang Province Pingyang County the sea area, the total area 200 square kilometers, the land territory area 11.3 square kilometers. Is apart from the Zhejiang Province Pingyang County Aojing river port 56 kilometers, to Island of Taiwan approximately 150 kilometers. The biggest islands for the south Lu island, the area 7.64 square kilometers, because of take the form of Lu to acquire fame. This area is primarily by sea eclipse landform, waterfront winding, the cape grows thickly, bay multitudinous, reef densely covered, the sand beach is diverse. Periphery has dragon mouth prime 5 angles and the country surname Ao, Mazu Ao, south the fire elder brother Ao 3 bays and the harbor Lu port. Here sea water is all year long limpid deep blue, the rock the ocean waves long-term corrosion impact, is formed landscape and so on sea cliff, column, hole, platform, has big Sha Ao, country scenic area and so on victory Ao, three tails. Has appraised the shellfish in this area 403 kind, the algae 174 kinds, accounts for our country sea shellfish and alga total above 20%, by the reputation is "the shell algae kingdom".
This region divides into: Level of protectorate (namely core area), implementation seal protection; Two levels of protectorate, implementation active control protection development; Three levels of protectorate, carry on the development under the instruction. After the protection and the management, the sea ecology restores quite quickly, resources abundance big, the distribution is even, the population increases, the renovation assumes the initial state, the artificial wild effect is very remarkable, not only has the important research value in the sea ecology aspect, also is the marine life " the south kind north moves, the north kind south moves" resources storehouse.
This region also is the paradise of travelling, the summer vacation, takeing vacation, convalesces and tasting the seafood, playing the sea water. Has the width limpidly 800 meters, the length 600 meters shell sands beach, the sea water is transparent, the visibility amounts to above 5 meters; Has Zheng Chenggong to drill naval forces country surname Gully; Has Song Meiling taken a rest roosts the wind to occupy; Has the narcissus flower island and the sea gull island; Has the scenic spot to concentrate reaches 100 three clock tails tourist points; Has is located heads of the sea eight treasures abalone; Has precious grouper and so on. Fish 368 kinds, Xia crab class 180 kinds of and other several hundred kind of land territories animal, golden sand and blue sea, wonderful reef and strange stone, different peak elegant hole, natural lawn, fascinating, forgets to return, too beautiful to behold, is worthily "the blue sea celestial mountain".
South Lu the chain islands country sea nature protection area administrative bureau constructs the collection scientific research in this island gold land sector namely big sand Gully, the inspection, the entertainment, the summer vacation, convalesces and so on multi-purpose is a body comprehensive building, It is equipped with the guest room, the conference room, the ballroom, Kala ok hall, the aquarium, the specimen exhibit room and so on. The establishment sea type protectorate is the enterprise of : "Merit in present age, advantage and century". Believed South Lu the end will be able to develop the marine country park which into is worthy of the reputation.

Liu Ji temple
Liu Ji, character Berwin, in 1311 was born Wencheng county south Tian town the Wuyang village, in 22 years old the successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations, 26 years old were the officials, as the Jiangxi Gao'an officer, next year will be the county magistrate, 30 years old abandoned the official to go home, have composed (strongly fragrant ion) and so on great writings pomes. 50 years old invited by Zhu Yuanzhang reto become an official, assist Zhu Yuanzhang series Ming Dynasty landscape, ancient is called sets up the three forms of immortality extraordinary personality which morality, renders meritorious service, commits the ideas to paper. The Hongwu four years retire to return, in 1375 died at the native place. The Tianshun first year, the Liu Ji six grandsons, presents a memorial requesting the vertical sincerity uncle ancestral hall, the Tianshun three years completes the extant Liu Ji temple, the temple is divided "the king to assist", "the emperor teacher" two wooden work places and the outside gate, the gate inside the main gate leading to the yamen, the main hall, offers sacrifices to ancestors the ancestral hall, the occupying a land area of 3,024 square meters.
Liu Ji temple scale bright and spacious, the system great depth, is four enters the single eave two to gather the courtyard type historic building, constructs extensively and rigorous. The main hall models has Liu Ji and its two meshes posture meter picture, the manner is dignified. On the summer beam and the great column hangs separately has all previous dynasties celebrities to write the book the great plaque and the couplets hung in front of a hall. Ming Dynasty Zhengde emperor writes the joint cloud: "Occupies the matter to test in a detailed way, Ming has the convincing evidence, opens the Chinese feudal official first; The operation plans, moves the principles of action, crosses a river the strategist unparalleled." Mr. Cai Yuanpei writes the joint cloud: "The current situation makes the hero, the army tent strange plan, the merit crown has the Ming generation; The temple Lu zu dou, the siberian elm native place, the group gazes the portrait after-image century." On December 12, 1989, decided as the provincial

level key cultural relic preservation organ.

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