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The shopping of market in Wenzhou

Wenzhou is the reform and open policy early front city, the Wenzhou merchant enjoys a good reputation everywhere. Wenzhou has the reputation of "city of the clothing", "the capital of shoe industry ", here clothing and leather shoes not only design new, variety entire, the price is also cheap. The old city main thoroughfare (cicada street, five horse road, park road, the west end street, liberated road, in front of victory calling, government office street) and Wenzhou (Huanglong) commercial city has become the clothing sea, the leather shoes world, if had the time, might to these places strolls the night market, perhaps could take to outside your opinion pleasantly surprised.

Wenzhou characteristic industry

shoes leather profession
Wenzhou has the name of the capital of Chinese shoes. In 2002 whole city shoes leather industrial enterprise altogether more than 4,000, leather shoes manufacture enterprise more than 3,000. Has the domestic and foreign advanced shoemakings assembly line more than 1,800 strip. The shoemaking technical equip, the technological level, the product quality occupy the domestic leading level. In 2002 shoes leather profession total output value 31.8 billion Yuan, footwear output value 26.3 billion Yuan. 30 shoemakings enterprises annual production ultra hundred million Yuan. The Wenzhou shoes sell to each place and sell in distant markets the world more than 100 countries and the area, in 2002 shoes leather product the export value amounts to 667 million US dollars. Is allowed the enterprise which design the dermis to symbolize to account for the national total 70. 3 enterprises enter the Chinese famous trademark title. The collect with production, the scientific research, the examination, the information, the trade are a body large-scale shoe industry base Wenzhou China shoes industry garden area is constructing at present.

The clothing profession apparel industry
It is the Wenzhou tradition profession. In 2002, the whole city has clothing industry enterprise more than 2,500, the annual production 30.2 billion Yuan, accounts for the nation clothing industry output value 1/10. The foreign trade exportation situation development is very quick, the export amount amounts to 470 million US dollars, grew 11.05 percent compared to the last year. The product by the men's clothing primarily, mainly produces the male western-style clothes, the female attire, the leisure attire, the children's clothing competes to develop. Since 90's, clothing enterprise massive introductions overseas advanced equipment, The order enhances unceasingly, some 44 clothings brand reaches the national best quality rank standard. In the national each kind of clothing big game, the Wenzhou clothing attains the big prize. 5 western-style clothes enterprises' brand men's clothing participates in 99 Paris China culture week China clothing culture display. In 2002, Zhuang Ji, reports good news the bird to have the honor to receive the Chinese famous trademark. In order to enhance the clothing profession overall level, the Wenzhou people's government constructs China (internationally) newly developed the clothing famous city industry garden area in the Wenzhou economic development zone Binhai new area, plays puts on in Wenzhou and take the region brand.

The low pressure electric appliance profession
Wenzhou low pressure electric appliance production enterprise mainly concentrates in Yueching city Liu Shi, north the white elephant two towns. In 2002 has low pressure electric appliance enterprise more than 1,000, Zhengtai group company, Delixi group company annual production above 4 billion Yuan. The low pressure electric appliance product has more than 100 series, 10,000 kinds of specifications. In 2002 the whole city had 3,500 models and the specification products attains the production permit, the safe authentication; Through ISO9000 international quality system authentication enterprise 450, through ISO14001 environmental protection system authentication enterprise 4; Through international organization authentication UL, GE, GS and so on the product more than 200, become the national low pressure electric appliance profession to hold the most cards production base. Zhengtai and Delixi two trademarks attain the Chinese famous business nominal. The using in national two nets constructions and the transformation electric appliances, the Yueching product accounts for 50. In 2002, the low pressure electric appliance values 24.15 billion Yuan in whole Yueqing city, grew 15 percent compared to the last year. Exportation bringing in foreign exchange income enterprise 160, year export delivery value 3.3 billion Yuan; In national each big city establishment sale company exceed 5,000, more than 100 enterprises enter the internet, develops on the net the transaction.

Plastic product profession
2002 Wenzhou plastic product output 678,300 tons, output value 8.88 billion Yuan. The plastic spinning and weaving bag, the imitation leather, the plastic film, a polytetrafluoro alkene product and the plastic high tech product production in front of the entire country's name the vanguard, weaves the bag output to occupy the nation one above the half, four fluorine products nation market share reaches 80 percent. The plastic fishing equipment variety many, the output high, the market coverage is broad, arranges in order crown of the national. Pingyang County is the concentrate the production area of Wenzhou plastic weaves the bag, names models for the township of plastic weaving in China, its subordinate XiaoJiang town names for the city of plastic weaving in china. Pingyang County has plastic weaving production enterprise more than 200, plastic weaving production assembly line 495, compound, the blow plastic and so on plastic weaving the necessary processing equipment more than 90 sets, the product 40 many kinds of several hundred specifications, 2000 annual productions 4 billion Yuan.

Printing profession
Wenzhou is national one of three big printing bases. 2,002 whole city have printing enterprise 2,227, the jobholders 90,000 people. Cangnan county Longgang town, the golden villages and towns, Qian Ku town the printing industry becomes the locality industry. The printing technology and the equipment are advanced, the silk-screen printing technology is leads the field, the net prints the PS version, the ultra thickness version, 10 below high accuracy superfine lines screen and so on is in the domestic leading level, some advanced into the international advanced ranks. In the East China area product quality the fine prize comparison and appraisal, Wenzhou has 8 enterprises 12 kind of products to win an award. The expert calls Wenzhou township of the Chinese silk India. 2,002 whole city printing gross value of industrial output 10.1 billion Yuan, packing decoration printing output value occupies 45 percent.

Eyeglasses profession
Wenzhou has the eyeglasses processing, the eyeglasses fitting, the eyeglasses galvanization, eyeglasses equipment manufacture enterprise more than 800, the jobholders more than 120,000 people. The eyeglasses product has the number thousand varieties. 2,002 eyeglasses total output value nearly 5 billion Yuan. The Wenzhou eyeglasses majority of exportation, 2,002 the export value amount to 4 billion Yuan. Some more than 30 enterprises attain the exportation self-management power.

Cigarette lighter profession
Wenzhou is the world biggest cigarette lighter production base. The Wenzhou smoking gear profession association has member enterprise 260, 70 percent in Lucheng. In 2002, product cigarette lighter 5.5 billion, the valued is 28.5 billion Yuan. Metal outer covering cigarette lighter output occupies the national similar product 95 percent . 80 percent export Sells in distant markets world each place.

Lamps and lanterns profession
Wenzhou is one of national biggest lamps and lanterns production bases. 2,002 has lamps and lanterns production enterprise more than 500, mainly distributes in Lu Cheng, the Ou sea, the dragon bay three areas. Yearly produces lamps and lanterns approximately 30 million, the total output value approximately 2.5 billion Yuan. The lamps and lanterns output accounts for the national ultimate output above 1/15, the product develops from the sole civil lamp to the garden, the stage, the project, the ships, the automobile, the train and so on the different function lamps and lanterns series: Has the hanging lamp, the indirect lighting, the wall lamp, the desk lamp, shoots the lamp, the paper lantern and so on the up to ten thousand varieties. From the lamp tube, the light bulb to the lamps and lanterns decorative lighting, the class are complete, adapte to different levels, different use market demand. The product sells to national more than 20 provinces, the city, the autonomous region and the world more than 20 countries and the area. 2002 the export value more than 100 million US dollars.

System pen profession
Wenzhou is the national biggest system pen production base. The Wenzhou Chinese system of weights and measures pen association has member enterprise 171, mainly concentrates in Long Wan region the Puzhou town. The product has the water painter's brush, moves the pen, the ball pen, the fountain pen, the neutral pen, the river character pen, walks the bead pen, the glimmer light pen and so on eight big series more than 100 varieties, the ultimate output reaches 8.5 billion, the output value more than 2 billion Yuan. Approximately composes the national system pen gross value of industrial output 1/3, exportation delivery value 1 billion Yuan. Approves registration trademark 71 after the national trademark bureau. The partial enterprises attain the European CE authentication with the American ASTM-D4236 product authentication, obtains marches the European and American market qualifications.

Razor blade profession
Wenzhou is the national biggest razor blade production base. The whole city has razor blade production enterprise more than 100. 2,002 output values 1.2 billion Yuan. 60 percent are exported. Selled to distant markets of the Americas, Western Europe, African,

the Middle East, the Australian more than 100 countries and the area.

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