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The general situation of Wenzhou

Wenzhou is located in the center-section of Chinese gold coastline, southeast area of Zhejiang Province, east is close to East China Sea, south meets the north of Fujian province, west is connected with the Lishui area, north adjoins with Taizhou, is the South of Zhejiang area economy, the cultural center and the transportation key position. In 1984 is listed as one of 14 coasts port cities which further opening to the outside world by the State Council. Governs Lu Cheng, OU sea, the dragon bay 3 areas and Yueching, the Rui-an 2 cities and Dongtou, Yongjia, Pingyang, cangnan, Wen Cheng, Taishun 6 counties, the total area 11,784 square kilometers. Total population 7.2 million, urban population 800,000.
Wenzhou scenery is the best of Southeast area. Wenzhou's sierra has sierra and so on the Donggong, Kuocang, Yandangshan, the hills peaks and ridges folds the screen-like mountain peaks, freshgreen. The mountain body mainly by the liparite and the tuff constitution, has the granite partially. As a result of for a long time the erosion, or the earthquake affects, the mountain body avalanche formed the innumerable high peaks, the different hole, the strange stone, the steep cliff, the canyon, flew the waterfall. The unusual modeling, the exquisite charm, the deep ideal condition, makes one have no alternative to sigh with regret beauty the super craftmanship divine creative force.
The Wenzhou rivers are multitudinous, mainly has Oujiang River, Feiyun Jiang, the Ao river three big river systems, these brooks pour into East China Sea by the west to the east. Oujiang River is the second river of Zhejiang Province, originates in Qingyuan County's FengYangshan, the span 388 kilometers, the drainage area 18,000 square kilometers, its upstream transition circuitously forms many rapids and shoals in the high mountain ridge, north shore the downriver for Yongjia, Yueching, the south bank is the Wenzhou urban district. The surface is broad, because the river current sea tide surges mutually, each other increase and decrease, the silt deposition, formed west the continent island, the middle of a river islet, seven has all spread, Lingkun island four rivers the sandbar, like jade belt jadeite in the park, has increased many capitals colors for the beautiful Wenzhou city.
Wenzhou has pleasant weather, product abundant bonus. Wenzhou is the subtropics sea monsoon climate, the winter does not have severely cold, the summer does not have the intense summer heat, the illumination full quantity, the rain water is abundant. In January coldest, average temperature 7.6 ℃, in July is hottest, average temperature 27 ℃, whole year average temperature 18 ℃, year precipitation 1,100 ~ 2,200 millimeters. The temperate moist climate, is suitable extremely the crops growth. The coastal plain is the Wenzhou main grain-producing region, the triple cropping, by paddy rice primarily. The industrial crop has the sweet orange, the tea, the loquat, the Myrica rubra, the sugar cane and so on 60 kinds, west the mountainous area has the massive forest products resources. The Wenzhou sea area is broad, the coastline long amounts to 355 kilometers, has Dongtou, north lu, south L, the Yueqing fishery and so on, the sea fishes has the hairtail, the yellow croaker, the eel, the silver pomfret fish, the perch and so on 370 many kinds of, but also has the nearly million Chinese acres epicontinental seas shallow seas and tidelands, is breeding Sheng, the clam, Li, marine life and so on shrimp, crab.
The Wenzhou geology originally is the China old land a part. The metalliferous ore has the zinc, the copper, the aluminum and so on 30 kinds. The non metalliferous ore has the granite, the pottery clay, the leaf agalmatolite, the alunite and so on. The alunite reserves accounts for the national ultimate reserves 80 south Fanshan town to have been called “the middle alunite city of world”. During the exploration development East China Sea continental shelf is containing the rich petroleum and the natural gas. The development of East China Sea oil field, will certainly to make the Wenzhou economy to soar increases the new superiority.
The Wenzhou have excellent people, all previous dynasties capable person to pour forth, in academic, the literary arts and the technical aspect all obtains the outstanding achievement. In south Song dynasty,have formed the “Yongjia faction” which present by Yeshi in academic, Has the very high status and the profound influence in our country history of learning .The poem arena present the faction of “Te four spirit of Yongjia” in the literary arts; At the drama originated the civil types of “the south opera”. The Southern Song Dynasty XIyou year, medical scientist Chen Yuanzhai as the rationale established the Yongjia medicine faction (three because side); Two Song and Yuan Ming and Qing Dynasties each generation also all has many outstanding talented people, like Huang Gongwang, Liu Ji, Sunzhi and so on. The contemporary culture educational circles are the group star bright: Xia Nai, Xia Chengtao, Su Buqing, Gu Chaohao and so on.
The Wenzhou people has created the magnificent history, also composes has presently entered the generation to start an undertaking the chapter, The Wenzhou people independently reforms, self-afford dangers, strives constantly for self-improvement, from strives for the development four from spirit, developed socialist market economy vigorously, from 1978 to 1999, GDP, the gross value of industrial output, the financial revenue, the foreign trade exportation, the farmer average per person income and so on the main economic indicator all turned five to six times, the yearly average increased range has reached 20-40. The majority Wenzhou people living standard marched into well-off; The ancient Wenzhou city, the appearance changes with each new day, in former days the dense worn-out private residence the tall building which one flickering rose straight from the ground is replaced, the city completed the area to develop from the year of 1978 12 square kilometers to 76 square kilometers, a function was

complete, facility advanced modernization city image toweringly shore of in the East China Sea.

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