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WENZHOU HOTELS: HIGH LEVEL SERVICES AND DISCOUNTS UP TO 75% if you are searching an hotel in Wenzhou, this website can give you a decisive help. Many hotels, high discounts, fast reservation, complete descriptions with photos. Wenzhou is became a big city (with over 7 million population) in the last thirty years. Today is famous for its vibrant economic growth and for presence of many industrial men with high skilfulness. Furthermore Wenzhou has a pleasant ambient in the surroundings with beautiful mountains, three national scenic areas and two national nature reserves. There are also the Neolithic relics of seven thousand years ago. The Wenzhou hotels usually obtain from customers many testimonials with high level of satisfaction.
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Victoria Grand Hotel    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Victoria Grand Hotel

Deluxe Room  746¥ 448¥
Business Room  944¥ 600¥
Location: Ma Anchi East road

Tian Du Hotel Wenzhou    ☆ ☆ ☆
Tian Du Hotel Wenzhou

Standard Room  420¥ 258¥
Deluxe Room  480¥ 298¥
Location: Xing Hai Road

Guomao Grand Hotel Wenzhou    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Guomao Grand Hotel Wenzhou

Standard Room  580¥ 378¥
Deluxe Room  680¥ 398¥
Location: Limin West road

Wenzhou Hotels

Wenzhou International Hotel Wenzhou hotel offer you service for cabaret accommodation,book hotels,hotel council-chamber...etc. Provides full-service and the lowest price for cabaret accommodation and book hotels information in 24 hours.....More>>>
Hotel Name Star Price
♦ Sheraton Hotel Wenzhou174 USDBook
♦ Overseas Chinese Hotel Wenzhou110 USDBook
♦ Ex Palm D'or Hotel, Wenzhou94 USDBook
♦ Wenzhou Treasure Island Hotel63 USDBook
♦ Yaoxi Dynasty Hotel, Wenzhou63 USDBook
♦ Jiangxin Riverview Hotel, Wenzhou65 USDBook
♦ Victoria Grand Hotel, Wenzhou86 USDBook
♦ Red-Sun Hotel, Wenzhou41 USDBook
♦ WenZhou Chamber Of Commerce Hotel34 USDBook
♦ S'signature Floor Hotel, Wenzhou65 USDBook
♦ Mengjiang Hotel Wenzhou56 USDBook
♦ Tian Du Hotel Wenzhou35 USDBook
♦ Wenzhou Olympic Holiday Hotel63 USDBook
♦ Wenzhou Dynasty Hotel78 USDBook
♦ Wenzhou Jinyuelijia Hotel34 USDBook
♦ Cangnan Wanhao Hotel50 USDBook
♦ Guomao Grand Hotel Wenzhou58 USDBook

Wenzhou introduction

Wenzhou is located in the center-section of Chinese gold coastline, southeast area of Zhejiang Province, east is close to East China Sea, south meets the north of Fujian province, west is connected with the Lishui area, north adjoins with Taizhou, is the South of Zhejiang area economy, the cultural center and the transportation key position.....More>>>

Wenzhou travel guide

Yandang mountain Yandang mountain is the first batch national key scenery scenic spot area, Chinese one of ten big famous mountains. Because "the summit has the lake, the reed grows thickly, the fall wild goose sleeps it" therefore the mountain take the bird as the name...More>>>
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