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The history of Wenzhou

Wenzhou history is glorious, Wenzhou ancient times called Ouyue. In 2500 (Neolithic time later period), within the boundaries of now Wenzhou had approximately discovered Neolithic time cultural remains site 100, unearthed have Stone flough, Stone sickle, the stone axe, Stone Ben, Stone knife, the stone chisel, the stone arrowhead, the stone lattice falls, Stone lance and spins turn and so on the instrument of labor. Still had clamped coal pottery piece and clamps the coarse sand ceramic piece. The ancients are engaged in the hunting and fishing and the cultivation. The first 475- previous 221 years (the Warring States time) previous 333 years (Chu Wei king seven years), Chu Wei emperor breaks the Yue country, kills the emperor Wujiang. More Yue races move to the East Ou settle down.
After Chin Shihhuang unifies six countries, establishes in Fujian the county. Previous 192 years (the Western Han Dynasty favors emperor for three years) The king of Hui Liuyin to stand Chuyao for the east sea king, take east Ou as capital, common custom call for east Ou king. 138 years (the Eastern Han Dynasty the Shun emperor Yonghe three years) divide Anzhidong the Ou township to set at Yongning county, west still the concurrently Chu state place, the household will not fill ten thousand. The county begins in north shore the Oujiang River. Is the beginning of constructs the county for Wenzhou. 323 years (Eastern Jin Dynasty Ming emperor Taining first year), near the sea county south of Wenqiao mountains range area sets at the Yongjia county, governs supposes in Yongning, governs Yongning horizontally, An Gu, Hnegyang, songgyang four counties. Constructs the county city in south bank of the Oujiang River, hands down has white deer cross it which biting the flower, after therefore called deer city. Is beginning of constructs the county for Yongjia. Next year, the Kou state Yongjia County to set East Jia state, will govern Yongning, An Gu, Le Cheng, Hengyang four counties. 624 years (Tang Wude seven years) Lengcheng becomes merges Yongning, call Yongjia County. Tang Gaozong Shngyuan two years changes set the state, because the climate is warm, Therefore called Wenzhou. 724 years (the Emperor Xuanzong in Tang dynasty tianbao first year) changes Wenzhou is the Yongjia county, governs four counties, total 42,814 households, 241,690 familes. 758 years (Tang Suzong Qianwu first year) to change the Yongjia county to Wenzhou. At the same year, supervises the salty official by Li Xuwei. 914 years (five dynasties at the end of back rest emperor Qiandai of four years) Hengyang change name as Pingyang County. 997 years (Northern Song Dynasty TaiZong Zhidao three years) Wenzhou duplicate rises for the state, is the two zhe's road, gets Yongjia, Yueching, Pingyang, Rui-an four counties. In 1127 (Northern Song Dynasty Qin zong Jingkang two years) Wenzhou produced the Shu paper, began in the Tang Dynasty, pure white firmly slid, when Northern Song Dynasty listed as the high quality goods. Has the lacquer ware by finely to be famous in addition, when to Southern Song Dynasty, is called "the first under heaven". In 1265 (Southern Song Dynasty Zong Xianchun first year) in August, rose Wenzhou for the Rui-an government office. In 1368 (Ming Taizu Hongwu first year) Wenzhou changed Lu Wei office, governed Yongjia, Yueching, Rui-an, Pingyang four counties. In 1369 (Ming dynasty Hongwu two years) supposed the Wenzhou office, govern the before, left, right, center five units of a thousand households. In 1661 (Qing dynasty Shunzhi 18 years) in March, the Qing government for cuts off the relation between the coastal people and Zheng Chenggong, issues the moving command: Yueching moves governs Dajing; Yongjia abandons east of Mao Zhuling, Rui-an leaves the sea 5 miles for; Pingyang moves to the interland 10. Advantage of the fish salt loses, overseas trade severance. In 1670 (the Qing shengzu Kanghsi nine years) Zhejiang saved supposes Wenchudao, governed Wenzhou, Chu state two government offices. In 1685 (the Qing Kanghsi 24 years) in October, set at the Zhejiang customs in Ningbo, got down supposes Wenzhou, Rui-an, Pingyang and so on 15 customs sub- mouth. Under a Wenzhou sub- mouth supposes the Zhuangyuan bridge, the Ning village, the Huanghua, Puqi four side mouths. In 1728 (Qing shizong YongZheng six years) established the jade ring hall, the Dongtou chain islands are it. Heres, Wenzhou govern five counties one hall. In 1840 (Qing Daoguang 20 years) in June, Opium War eruption. On July 5, the British armed forces invade Dinghai, Wenzhou are in danger. In 1872 (the Qing Tongzhi 11 years) years, had wheel successively and so on Guangji, Puji, Haiyan navigate between Wenzhou, Shanghai. Rui-an Xu Qichou, Chen Qiu and so on organizes the heart blue literary community, for Wenzhou earliest library. In 1876 (Qing dynasty Guangxu two years) on September 13, signed the Chinese and British Yantai treaty, warded off the Wenzhou trading port. Under 1884 (Qing Guangxu ten years) on October 4, the Wenzhou populace led in Ze elegant person Chai Yanrong, burnt down the west end, Zhou Zhaici the lane and so on place the church, and smashed the English tax affairs department residence. In 1896 (Qing Guangxu 22 years) in February, Sun Yirang, Huang Shaoji and so on organized the Rui-an arithmetic academy, chose a name Rui-an to study counts the hall. In 1906 (Qing Guangxu 32 years) Sun Yirang initiated the Wenzhou pedagogical school. The Yongrui steamship company set up,Has the steam launch at the Wenrui pond river. In 1908 (Qing Guangxu 34 years) on June 21, Sun Yirang passed away. Sun Yirang, the Rui-an person, the scholar, the educationalist, has (Zhou rite justly), (Mozi is Xiangu), (deed gives an example), (Wenzhou Jingji book) and so on 30 kinds. At the same year, the Qing Dynasty bank and four Ming commercial savings bank in the Wenzhou establishment semicolon. After in 1911 (Qing Xuantong Period three years) Wuchang Uprising, on November 29, Wenzhou composition military administration minute government office, Xu Dingchao is commanding officer. In June, 1914 set at the Ou sea route, governed Wenzhou, the Chu state two government offices, the DaoYin government office was stationed Yongjia County, was subordinated Zhejiang Province. In 1932 established the administration to supervise the area. The Wenzhou at the beginning of area called Zhejiang Province the tenth county politics supervises the area, Supervises special commissioner the office in Yongjia County. Latter number changes the name, Called the fourth special zone, the third special zone, the Yongjia administration supervise the area, the eighth administration supervises the area, in April, 1948, renamed the fifth administration to supervise the area.
On May 7, 1949 the Wenzhou peaceful liberation, established the Wenzhou military control commission; On August 26 establishes the fifth special area, and supposes Wenzhou . After the founding of the nation, renames as the Wenzhou area special commissioners field office. After that, the name and governs the county to have the change. In September, 1981 the Wenzhou

area and Wenzhou merged establishes Wenzhou city, solid city quotation tube county system.

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