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The Festival celebration of Wenzhou

    Wenzhou's traditional festival

lantern festival day
Lantern festival day also calls the lantern festival, lantern festival. Stops from the first lunar month fifth day to 18th, city and countryside development dance dragon lantern activity. 14 to 16 is "the main day of the lantern festival" the day for the dance dragon lantern activity high tide, the common dragon lantern has the brune, the gauze dragon, the stool elasmosaurus and the jewelry dragon. The dragon lantern team goes all over town, when to rich person garden dragon dance, "senate dragon" "senate dragon", the lamp teacher sings the dragon lantern song in the song of drum, for should pray for the master. The dragon lantern song has the certain model, the lamp teacher in view of the head of household name, the status, increases the lyrics, each place extemporaneously also has the accent lantern, the dance fish lamp, copies the lion, treads the stilts, plays the role of Liu Cui and so on the recreational activities. The Dongtou fisherman also puts "the kongming lantern", the lamp is the mg cap does, center the natrium gumming flame paper, after lights, the expansion of gas, the red candle raises slowly, flutters to the sea and air, the scene extremely magnificent sight.

The spring prays blocks in the street
Wenzhou city every year lunar calendar in February first day to start from peace and happiness work place, to March 15 five horse road, the major street holds in turn prays the activity, was called "blocks the street luck", for local traditional holiday.
Blocks date of thoroughfare the street luck hold to suppose the red chamber, embroiders the gate, spreads out the curtain, hangs up lanterns and festoons. The atmosphere is warm. The street corner returns develops the drama, the story, the puppet, as well as rolls the dragon, treads the stilts, plays lantern-riddles several volumes of each kind of recreational activities to accomplish, at the same time each family supposes the sacrificial altar, the pendulum bonsai. exhibite flowers and plants, are called as "the flower to offer a sacrifice to", the shop by reduce the price solicit the customers, all quarters tourist converge. The human late lamp Can magnificent wind and stringed musical instruments do together, the city gate opens greatly, no matter what the human comes in and goes out, the activity to the midnight only then rest. Next day, elsewhere the street conducts "blocks the street luck".
"Blocks the street luck" center, west in front of the Guo three ports palaces the big peach shaped birthday cake finest is wonderful, the metric system peach shaped birthday cake high uneven eaves, extravagant cross street in a business area. On sets at (Monkey), (All Men Are Brothers), (three countries) each rice models the character number to reach several hundred, in addition still had the Puqing bead grain bin, as if the pavilion was grips, in the grain bin by hundreds of thousands of colors beads constructs weaves the drama character, Longfeng and each kind of design is bright with many colors, dizzy person eye.

Dragon Boat Festival
Also called Dragon Boat Festival. Wenzhou calls "heavy five". Dragon Boat Festival each family bind rice tamale. The type has the meat brown, the bean granulated substance brown, the white sugar husked lotus ham brown, Huai hundred rice tamale and the broad bean rice tamale and so on. The country dweller takes the juice by the early rice stalk ash to boil rice tamale, rice tamale the fragrant long-lasting, is called as "the ash soup rice tamale ", the fifth day of the fifth lunar month previous 12 days, gets married the daughter to have to deliver rice tamale gives the maternal home. The maternal home makes a return gift thing and so on paper fan, sachet.
Delimits the dragon boat: East Wenzhou the plain, the river course interlocks, various villages all set at the dragon boat nearly. Southern Song Dynasty Ye Shi poemed "a village ship spreads a nation, everywhere the banners and drums struggle flies upwards." Delimits the dragon boat to start from May first day, to finish to the tenth day around.
When match dragon boat, the river course din of gongs and drums, the number strip or dozens of dragon boats unfold the flag to compete first. The ashore spectator cheers on, scene magnificent sight.

Midautumn festival
Enjoys looking at the moon, between the relatives and friends delivers the moon cake mutually. The moon cake circular, the ancient meaning of month reunion, the Wenzhou moon cake except outside the Soviet type, the Guang type, still had hollow moon cake and the diameter exceed ruler big moon cake.
In this date, goes home as far as possible in the outside areas family member, reunion joyful banquet. At the banquet the common taro, the powder, vegetable and so on swimming crab, new duck. Night, various prepares the moon cake fruits and melons, enjoys looking at the moon in the quadrangle to the night. The urban district accumulates the valley piedmont to have the place small stone bridge, Wang Dai brige stretches across jade belt river bank. The century midnight, the white date projection in the river, the bridge thing is half and half, looks like the moon to take on the bridge, therefore also names "the month load bridge"

This night, is common 3or 5 accompanies goes to watch.

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