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Wenzhou Travel and Company directory

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Ou Chang Hotel Co., Ltd.
Address: Snow Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, 71 - O Zip code: 325005
Tel: 8528888、8528777     Fax: 88528777
The hotel industry: operating rooms, restaurants, discos, bars, a gym, the Ministry of retail goods.

Wenzhou, East China Sea International Services Ltd.
Address: Longwan District Longwan town industrial zone - L Zip code: 325011
Tel: 86353663     Fax: 86353612
Dinner: Catering and catering services

Wenzhou Dynasty Hotel Co., Ltd.
Address: Wenzhou public route on the 18th - A Zip code: 325027
Tel: 8338208、8378888     Fax: 88327694
Hotel and Guesthouse Accommodation: Stay. Catering. Entertainment. Business Services

Wenzhou-opened Restaurant Co., Ltd.
Address: Wenzhou City Wuqiao Road 77, - S Zip code: 325027
Tel: 8622222、8625526莉芬     Fax: 88623886
The hotel industry: Food. Entertainment. Accommodation. Bathroom. Business Services

Wenzhou International Hotels Ltd.
Address: The people of Wenzhou Road on the 1st - S Zip code: 325000
Tel: 8251111-6406柴爱青     Fax: 88258888
The hotel industry: Room rental operating shopping malls and other supporting services.

Wenzhou Victoria Hotels Ltd.
Address: Wenzhou City, Ma Chi Road No. 58 - S Zip code: 325028
Tel: 8278888-2101朱长松     Fax: 88245349
Hotel and Guesthouse Accommodation: Stay. Catering. Entertainment services.

Wenzhou Ruixing Hotels Ltd.
Address: Wenzhou Lucheng Road, No. 135 - S Zip code: 325005
Tel: 88528688     Fax: 88538000
The hotel industry: Food, song and dance halls, karaoke OK, KTV, the Office of Fitness beauty massage, music bars.

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